Halloween DIY: Suzy & Sam from Moonrise Kingdom

I LOVE Halloween. I was Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom, one of my favorite Wes Anderson movies, for Halloween two years ago, and it’s one of my favorite costumes to date. I’d recommend watching the movie (I believe it’s still available on Netflix) and listening to Françoise Hardy’s “Le Temps de l’Amour” on repeat if you really want to get inspired. Side note: I got super into 1960s french pop music after seeing this movie. 

I didn’t intend on being Suzy, it actually happened when I was searching for the perfect Courtney Love costume at The Garment District in Cambridge, MA. I ended up finding a pink and purple dress with a peter pan collar from the 60s and I decided that, if it fit, I was going to be Suzy! The dress ended up being too long, but I was able to tuck the extra length under the dress and pin it to the length I wanted, which was fine for the night. My boyfriend, Dan, went as Sam Shakusky, and he was just as excited as I was – probably because he got to wear a Davy Crockett hat.

We started by getting inspired and buying some of our items at The Garment District, which is the holy grail of Halloween costumes, and then heading to a craft store for some of the supplies we needed. Almost everything else was purchased from Amazon, or we already had.

I’ve included how our costumes turned out, as well as links to many of the same items we purchased – excuse the poor quality photos, they were taken with my old iPhone 5C before I got a DSLR camera. Otherwise, enjoy!

Inspiration: moonrise

Reality: Moonrise Kingdom Suzy & Sam costumes via FrolickingAround.com

Moonrise Kingdom Suzy & Sam costumes via FrolickingAround.comMisc. Items:

I’m incredibly detailed oriented, so I tried my best replicate everything that Suzy and Sam wore and had with them.

Coping with the Very Troubled Child book: I did a google search for an image of the book, enlarged it, and then printed it out and taped it on a book. You can also purchase a notebook from Etsy that uses the cover.

New Penzance Island map: I did a google search for an image of the map, enlarged it, and then printed it out.

Moonrise Kingdom Suzy & Sam costumes via FrolickingAround.com

Sam Shakusky: 

Shirt: We got it from TJ Maxx, but a similar shirt can be found here.

Badges: Dan got crafty! He purchased a printable file of the Khaki Scout badges from Etsy, and then printed them on iron-on transfer paper. It worked really well!

Brooch: I found the brooch at my local Salvation Army. I’d recommend heading to a thrift store and looking at their costume jewelry to find a gold brooch with pearls on it; it will be more affordable than buying something online.

Other items: Yellow BandanaRanger badge, Corn cob pipe, Canteen, Glasses, Coon skin hat , Socks, Toy Gun, Khaki shorts, Compass

Moonrise Kingdom Suzy & Sam costumes via FrolickingAround.com

Moonrise Kingdom Suzy & Sam costumes via FrolickingAround.com

Suzy Bishop:

Yellow Vintage Suitcase: I didn’t want to spend a lot of money the suitcase, and didn’t have time to scour every thrift store, so I ended up making my own. I wasn’t obsessed with the end result, but it was ok. I got a yellow keepsake box and the silver faux leather strap from A.C. Moore, then I poked holes in the box and put the straps in the holes to make a handle. The box wouldn’t stay shut, so I ended up using double-sided tape along the inside edge to keep it shut for the night.

Binoculars: I got the binoculars from Amazon. I used hemp string that I had laying around, and added “SUZY” in lettered beads. That part probably wasn’t essential, but I told you that I’m detail orientated…

Beetle earnings: I actually made my own from supplies I got at A.C. Moore, but now you can purchase them from Amazon. I also found some on Etsy.

Other Items: Rattan creel basket, Cat toy, Flowers, Knee-high socks, Saddle shoes, Dress Option 1, Dress Option 2, Dress Option 3, Blue eye-shadow 

Moonrise Kingdom Suzy & Sam costumes via FrolickingAround.com


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