Be Kind

Be Kind has a great twitter presence, so I would recommend following them if you are a twitter user. Most of my twitter feed is now political commentary, so I welcome their tweets for a reprieve from the misery of the current political climate! If you are interested in poetry, you should sign up for their poem-a-day digital poetry series, where they email you a different poem every day.

Monday was #NationalKindnessDay, so they tweeted this poem, called “Be Kind”.

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The Peace of Wild Things

The Peace of Wild Things

Introducing… Poetry Wednesdays, occurring on Wednesdays solely because I thought of the idea on a Wednesday! I love poetry, so I thought sharing one of my favorite poems every week would be a fun idea.

If I had to choose, nature-inspired poetry would be my favorite. I find this poetry to be the most comforting because it’s easy (at least for me!) to relate to finding solace from my problems, and the problems of the world, through the tranquility of nature. Here’s one of those poems.

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